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July 4th, 2007


TR besuto
First off, Happy Independence Day! ... It's raining here. T_T But we shot off the majority of our fireworks last night. Only a couple strays; one shot right into the neighbor's trees. >.> Oops. But all's good.

Because it's raining here, things are scouring for shelter, and so a hawk decided to land on the branch outside my window to stay dry. I heard a weird squawck outside, and pulled back from the computer to see him sitting there, looked partially concerned that his feathers were damp. I think he was a sparrowhawk. I didn't get a picture before he left.

I find it very amusing that the TV special about the next supercomet destroying the planet is sponsered by Orkin, the leader in pest control. XD

Might actually draw today. ... I was just sidetracked by a commercial for Korea from its visitors bureau. ^_^
Anyway, I need to study more (ie, read more comics) because this page just isn't feeling as dynamic as I feel it should. It might look better inked, but I don't know. And I have to study sound effects, too... I'm still uncomfortable with them, and I don't want to use the computer for them.

It's been six months or so since I really fell heavily into Space Cases stuff, and my mind still goes, I'm going to draw Team Rocke... no. >.> J&J just smile and move on their way. XD;
And I've just been challenged to Guitar Hero later. Mwahahaha.


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