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August 17th, 2007

TR besuto
The bad thing was that the only thing on to watch this evening was High School Musical 2. ... The only thing worse than that was I watched it. XD;;;
Of course, I was expecting something to blow me away, but it really didn't. It was amusing, to say the least. I hate Sharpay, the annoying blonde. All the characters were pretty static, it seemed, right up until the end. But the songs and dances were decent. And yes, Corbin Bleu's hair is awesome. Mom requests to watch the first one; I'll have to find it.

Speaking of Mom, her and Dad are being absolute idiots. Their arguments about money are to the point where it's affecting both Bryan and I on our school payments. Now I've got late fees and he's not enrolled in classes yet, even though he starts next week. I wish that I could call up my school and be like, yeah, sorry my parents are being asses. I have to talk to Dad about all of it. Argh. Why would you not set things straight if other people are relying on you? >.>

So today was watching TV and sleeping and watching more TV and finding wallpapers online. Tomorrow I think I'll be headed back to my room to finish the last parts of cleaning up, which I always have the most trouble with. I never know where to put all the knick-knacky stuff, so I think it's going to all get thrown in a box and put in the closet.

I may go out tomorrow, too. DVDs, fun! And maybe the bookstore. I still have to finish We Need To Talk About Kevin, a really good book so far. And read for class. >.< The syllabus got mailed today; I have to check it now to see how crazy it's gonna get. >.> Ja ne.

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