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December 3rd, 2007

TR besuto
I forget what I last updated about... oh, was it the cryptic message that people were confused by? ^_^;; About closing doors: it was figurative. I feel like I'm turning away so many options to do things. But oh, well. I suppose I have to do so if I want to keep moving forward.

Fun note: today I almost sincerely called an answering machine an "answerphone", like the British. I think I like the word "answerphone" better; may continue use.

Ummm... Saturday was lazing about and trying to get my play done while people distracted me with pizza and Magic the Gathering. I was distracted. Argh.
Sunday was more lazing, although I really shouldn't have been. Wrote some. Watched The Perfect Recipe For Christmas, another Lifetime movie that turned out quite better than I expected it would. It had Bobby Cannavale, the guy that played Vince on Will and Grace. I enjoyed it. What drew me out of my funk (hence the doing nothing and watching Lifetime... sidenote: they play too many depression meds commericials) was when a Robutussin ad came on and I perked up, my ears catching something before I had the capacity to think about it... it was Eric Stuart! Yay! So I laughed for a good while, finished the movie, and went to rehearsal.
Oh, all our swizzle sticks broke, and we'll get new ones tomorrow. They're not really glass, they're candy sticks, and Mario, upon almost dropping the jar, broke all of them except one, which by chance was Thermometer, "his favorite one" in the play. ^_^ The bad news, other than Chris wanting to kick his ass? Ants. We found ants swarming on Sunday (they broke Friday), and they had dragged quite a large chuck over to the hole they were climbing in and out of, but the candy bit was too big. Heidi poured glue down the holes so the ants wouldn't come back. Poor ants in the glue.

Today's been quite productive! Class, worked on PiPs stuff, class, lunch, submission for PiPs completed (play's not done, but I'm quite happy with the proposal), class. Rehearsal, work on CI brochure, dinner, internets, brochure complete, here. Now it's time for pudding. And I should do Japanese, too. Tomorrow is getting a shitton of stuff done so I have as much time as possible to work on SS project, and oh fuck, I have to keep telling myself to document my work! It's due on Monday, and I keep forgetting and I still can't remember if it's on slides or if it's just digital or what. Fuck, I hate manual photography. Mainly because I don't know what the hell I'm doing with a manual camera, argh.

But, no more bitching tonight. Pudding!

Oh, and Erin is whooping my ass at Scrabble because she put down the word ZAGS and got 119 points for it. Fuck. And I've scored 2 bingos this game and still haven't caught up, damn. Oh well. She's my awesome Scrabble opponent!

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