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December 9th, 2007

The play turned out really well. I went to all four of them. I love seeing what shifts every night, and how the audience reacts. Especially how the audience reacts.
During the matinee performance the bedframe of the bed broke right in the middle of the performance. (This is the show we taped, BTW.) But it was covered well by all. I love love how actors adapt to what's around them while maintaining things they have to.

Last night I wasn't planning to do anything but was semi-dragged (followed someone to) a suite party and it was a lot of fun. Wasn't planning to drink, either, but I had one of those Bacardi fizzy drinks and then much later I had a half-shot of tequila (my first) because the host (who was drunk himself) would let me just have a taste. So salt, shot, lime, and there you go. I don't know how it affected me.

I feel like crap today, probably partially because of last night, but I'm also trying to fight off illness (I'm an idiot, I know), so that's partially why. I really wish today could be a lazy Sunday (no, wasn't thinking of SNL), but I have to go back and get the wood for my buildings because I couldn't get it yesterday. I got the fabric... $40 worth. Of all fabric under $3 a yard. (Thank you, credit card.) If I don't use all of it for buildings people are gonna get some ugly pillows for Christmas this year. Hah.

Should probably go do something. There's nothing I want to do more than curl up in bed and watch TV and fall asleep for a bit. Maybe I can this afternoon.
Oh, and I have two tests in the morning tomorrow, and our stupid professor, who promised to e-mail us our final project's subject this weekend, hasn't yet. I am so pissed because I could have done it this weekend and not had to waste a night this week doing it.

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