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January 31st, 2009

The title quote was provided to you by one of the girls on the Elms speech team. XD
Today was judging speech. I admit that I'm getting tougher on grading, especially because I have to so close to districts. But today I accomplished an amazing feat: making the entire tournament run late. Mwahaha. Here's the story.
I am often one who takes a tad too much time judging. When everyone is awesome, it often comes down to trivial little things. The first three rounds are fine. Then comes the POWER ROUND, where the top 6 battle it out. I am assigned to judging Duo Interpretation, which is like top of the list for judging because it's awesome. They send us on our way.
I arrive with another judge to the Band Room, where the round is supposed to take place. The room has 1) bad acoustics, 2) no good seating except band chairs, and 3 )a furnace/fan BLASTING overhead. So what we have to do is find the maintenance person to get him to turn off the fan or have us switch rooms because we have to yell to be heard in a decent manner. It took a bit, but he finally picked the switch and turned it off. Fun stuff, the fan turned off... but so did the heat in the room. T_T It didn't get icebox-cold, but at the end I was rolling down my sleeves. And after all that I was still the last one to turn in my ballots and therefore was the last one to turn them in at all. Woohoo for holding up the whole tourney. And I think the old me would have felt bad about it; now I'm just like, I did what I had to do, and it happened. ^_^
It felt like it didn't matter, anyway. XD There are three judges, so... ::shrug:: On stage was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; I had ranked them 3, 6, 1, 2, 5, 4. Haha. The reason for the dramatic drop to 6 for me was that their team had done really, really well, but then... Cell phone. His cell phone went off during a piece. That's automatic 6 for districts and states, so I thought I should follow it. They would have been 2 or 3 otherwise, so I guess they got their deserved award, but geez, c'mon, you don't have that happen in a power round.

In other news, the speech girls speak my language! It makes me so happy that there are girls as dorky as I am. Not was, am. ^_^ On the way there they were talking about fanfic and RPing and the phrase, "ew, furries," was said in convo. Oh! And something led from the phrase "epic fail" to "legendary fail" to "legendary trap". I LOLed. Coming back, after the title phrase was said, someone brought up slashing Sr. Maura, and so we were all scarred. XD
So this makes me feel better about things. That I'm not going to totally be disconnected with everyone there. And Jacoby's doing just fine, too. Although he left someone behind a couple tourneys ago. XD Like, at Berea. Fun times.
I'm looking forward to districts!

huh? you cant really do that.

From flyboy_fox:
Usually I don't think the British do dumb things. I hold them a bit higher than us Americans in terms of proper English. And then a city goes and does something like removes the apostrophes from street signs, and I just shake my head. Apostrophes are not "confusing and old-fashioned", they're vital to the language. T_T I mean, maybe English will evolve that way, but I'll be no part of it. Hmph.

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