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August 1st, 2009

oh great technological gods, help me out!

TR besuto
I'm nervous about backing up my external hard drive. A few nights ago I got a couple of weird error messages about a symboljumble file not being written correctly and that the data was lost. Because I assumed it was a nothing file, I didn't pay much attention. It got my attention when the third or fourth time the file was not a symboljumble but instead the folder where my scanlations were. I checked the file immediately and sure enough, they were all gone. I have part back up, part were still in the recycle bin, and a couple lagged in a BitComet folder, but it was a split second that it took for them to vanish. I had just spent a bunch of times downloading and organizing them, too. Coincidentally, it was the exact moment I opened the last episode of Corner Gas to finally watch. Hello, goodbyes.

So tonight I'm going to hook up the external I use for backup and save most everything to it, and then hope that there's no huge crash. My neighbor still has my crashed hard drive from a year ago, and he still hasn't gotten anything off of it (although I'm sure if I nudge him he'll get there). I had good stuff on that. (I'm still particularly upset about the Space Cases backgrounds I made.) Hopefully it's not lost.

I was looking for ways to make sure I save quickly, and I came upon Wikipedia articles that talked about digital obsolescence. It's not such a big worry, but it makes you think. Isn't our generation the first one that will be handing our grandchildren plastic discs instead of boxes? It won't be about looking at the stamps from the letters of years past, but manipulating a file to read an e-mail from fifty years ago. I think that without that sense of a tangible past, it'll just make people sad. Sad to think that the heartfelt conversations, the photos, the correspondences of their youth were all just bits of electronic information that have been scattered to the wind. (I have to get around to printing this journal out!)

EDIT (8:06PM): Well, hooked it up, and now it says they're all there. That's fine with me! Still backing things up!


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