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January 30th, 2010

behind him
Four out of five Ikea furniture pieces are built. Desk, bookshelf, DVD tower (used for books instead) and the coffee table. All that's left is the cabinet for under the counter. The bookshelf is too big but is holding my stereo and other things so that's fine. I need to move it over to the corner, so that'll happen eventually. The DVD book tower in the living room is comforting. I don't have a hammer, so the thin back of this is currently taped on. Ghetto build FTW. I can finally put my coffee table book (a space one, yay) on the coffee table and put a plate somewhere other than the floor. And the desk is a solid workspace which makes me feel 100x better. It has a dry-erase board on it, so currently my assignments are scrawled on it.
TL;DR: I am content with my furniture.

There is a guy that was at my VFS summer intensive that I keep thinking about. We've kept up contact since then, sporadic Facebook messaging. He is supposedly in town and I really want to meet up with him to see if I should keep acting like something might work out or if I should drop it. I mean, Christer, the other guy that was here at the same time and is in my class, told me that he was going to be in town maybe on Monday and I don't know if I should have contacted this guy earlier about it than yesterday. Probably. Because even I have plans tonight, so hopefully it's not a too-late thing. Let's hope he gets back to me about it.
Self-confidence, Lindsay! Have it! Positive self-image! Have it x2!

...I woke up sore from the furniture building. That makes me feel wimpy but also like I've worked for it, which is good.
I really must go do homework. Tonight is Mel's birthday celebration and it will be a blast! ^_^ Ja ne.

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